Intelligent & Safe pest repeller

2018 New technology effective& instant protection

Kids and pets friendly

Widely application

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PRODUCTS Description

·         INTELLIGENT & SAFE PEST REPELLER :Ultrasonic Pest Repeller automatically changes the frequency every 16 seconds (from 20kHz to 158khz), which does not bring any radiation or chemical hazards and is safe for pregnant women, children and pets. With low energy consumption, Pest repellent able to work all day but not be overloaded.

·         2018 NEW TECHNOLOGY EFFECTIVE & INSTANT PROTECTION: Super intelligent display screen and unprecedented VF & CF attack mode,ultrasonic pest repeller to repel insects and mice. Different from the other products, ultrasonic pest repeller emits 4 different waves to 360° cover your house, ultrasonic pest repeller effectively preventing pests from producing adaptability, destroying the pest's nervous system, Pest repellent get rid of mosquito,flea,rodent,cockroach,mouse,squirrel, wasp,fly etc.

·         KIDS AND PETS FRIENDLY:ultrasonic pest repeller total safe for babies, pregnant women ,kids and pets. This ultrasonic pest repeller only target at bug mosquito flea rodent cockroach mouse sonic squirrel wasp fly rat. Totally different with traditional glue traps,ant traps,mouse traps or roach motels all which kill bugs and leave a messy clean up. Our ultrasonic pest repeller won’t cause harm or leave nasty dead insects or rodents behinds for you to deal with.

·         WIDELY APPLICATION:ultrasound pest control plug it into the socket and press the power button for 3 seconds, it will work automatically. The smart bug repellent can be widely used in rooms, shops, office, warehouses, kitchen, hotels, etc. Completely resist the invasion of pests - Pest repellent making your house a more comfortable living environment.


Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Pest Repellant Plug in Ultrasound Pest Control Indoor Outdoor
Smart Bug Repellent for Mosquito,Flea,Rodent,Cockroach,Mouse,Squirrel, Wasp ,Fly ,Rat Sonic Sound 

●Are you getting annoyed by a pest, A lot of ineffective poisons and traps are used, but it still doesn't work?  

●No more trap setting, No need to change baits every night, Get rid of mosquitos, insects, rats, mice, rodentsdoes and do not result in any dead rodents.STORM Ultrasonic Pest Repeller drives pests away with no kill.  

Product Principle:

1.The ultrasonic pest repeller applies the physical principle to repel rats,bats,mosquitoes,flies and cockroaches.
2.The pest repellent emits physical sound waves which act on the nervous and auditory systems of rats,bats,mosquitoes,flies and cockroaches 
pest repellent making them escape from the room where they exist due to their intolerance of such simulation.
3.For rats,bats,mosquitoes,flies or cockroaches,a certain surviving quantity exists in certain space, If one rat,bat,mosquito,fly or cockroach is killed,another new one will be born, 
or there wil be a new intruder,But the rat,bat,mosquito,fly or cockroach cannot be thoroughly killed off throgh traditional killing ways,which are also dangerousto some extent.
Therefore only the electronic smart repeller is the most proper, 
pest control ultrasonic repellent is the safest and the most effective one to inhibit the reproduction of rats,bats,mosquitoes,flies and cockroaches,damage their nervous and auditory systems and thoroughly repel them.

●If you want to enjoy a pest-free home environment, and no longer worry about the pest problems 
Forget the poisons and traps, Try this ultrasonic pest repeller! Order it now! 

Note :
●Typical results can be found within 4 weeks. If you have a severe pest infestation, please be patient to use the pest repeller for more weeks.

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