• PATENT PENDING DESIGN Combined With Most Advanced And Best Technologies
  • POWERFULL SONIC Electric Repeller Eliminates Most Invaders Out From Your House
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Just Plug-in. But Please Read The Instructions Once You Receive It!
  • HUMAN AND PET SAFE. Plugin Reject Naturally. Harmless for children or pet
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PRODUCTS Description


 Have you tried all kinds of similar products on the market only to be utterly disappointed?                            Onsino Ultrasonic Pest Repelent - is a fast way to get rid of mosquitos and many other pests inside home  including housefly, hornet, crickets, lady bugs, termite, german roaches, ticks, bat , garbage bag trash flies, scorpion, mice, moth, mouse, gnats, spiders, bed bugs

One of a kind most powerfull repellers in the market that ACTUALLY WORKS! Great Electronic treatment at your home. Your kids, dog, and cat can sleep well. Repellant will not bother them

The electric device will give you professional protection, like if you would use bomb, poison, spray or fogger (which kills pests)

Onsino Pest Repelent use the new natural eco eliminator wich do not kill the pest but drives them away

Have you ever used fly swatter, bug zapper or maybe any wearable uv or deet bracelet to reject insects?

You can say goodbye to them, with an organic, poison-free and truly efficient solution; The smart device guarantees to keep flying and crawling visitors out

Simply plug it and turn on power; LED Bulb light will turn on and will start emitting ultrasound waves that pests find incredibly annoying and cannot withstand; After that they go away and never come back!

Packing : 4 pcs / box 


Commercial grade ultra sound sonar portable AC powered mini machine with night lamp - great pest prevention barrier, which covers a perimeter up to 2200 sq ft

No need wires, traps, powder, peppermint tablets, aerosol, foam or other liquid deterrents

PLEASE NOTE: You may see increase of insects as they coming out their homes and trying to leave the area. Also, make sure that you use the device for at least 3-4 weeks

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