SAFE STERILIZATION: The intense steam kills 99.9% of germs, not only the surface, but also every corner of the items to be sterilized. The bottles can be stored and remain sterile for up to 24 hours, or until the lid is opened.
AUTOMATIC DRYER: The machine will operate a sterilization-drying cycle. No need to leave it exposed to dry and wait for long time. Get rid of secondary pollution caused by the wet, dripping bottles.
SPACIOUS DESIGN: Fits up to 6-8 bottles, enables to put a variety of pieces at a time and customize your needs. Convenient and Effective.
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PRODUCTS Description


Steam sterilization disinfects at a higher temperature than dishwasher to kills 99.9% of germs, microbes and bacteria effectively.


Dry completely with hot air after steam sterilization-drying cycle to avoid long-time waiting to air drying and secondary pollution, such as bacteria breeding and bad smell.


Spacious design fits up to 8 bottles and store your sanitized baby products in sterile environment for over 24 hours, or until the lid is opened.


Simple & Safe

One dial design, choose 40/60 minute cycle as you need. Then the machine will operate and automatically shut off when complete, very easy to use.


Spacious & Convenient

Enables to load a variety of bottles, breast pump and accessories at a time, compatible with most bottle types and brands, allows to customize your needs.

Easy Cleaning

Removable parts and heating plate with unique design, make the descaling cleaning to be done only with a damp cloth. Don’t worry about stubborn scale anymore!


Product description
Onsino OS-1304 Sterilizer Dryer, makes the sterilization as simple as possible, getting away from boring and tedious sanitization.
❤Why choose Onsino OS-1304
- Kill 99.9% of germs: Steam sterilization, environmental friendly and economic, kills bacteria effectively.
- Sterilize+Dry+Storage Unit: You can choose to sterilize only, sterilize and dry, or dry only as you need.
- 3 in 1 Design: Adjustable modular design is suitable for different sizes of items. Convenient and Time Saving.
- Fit 6-8 Bottles: Suitable for 6 of 9oz bottles or 8 of 8 oz bottles with narrow caliber.
Beware of hot steam that comes out of the vent in the lid or when you remove the lid.
Please check the items you want to sterilize can bear the high temperature without deformation.
To put tall bottles in the bottle box, you can take out the bottle holder and the pacifier basket directly.Then the largest bottle size could be 24cm, which fits most bottles.
Please use pure water. Clean the items before it is sterilized to reduce the scale.
Please wipe the heating plate with a damp cloth after each use to keep your sterilizer in top condition.
Descale the sterilizer as the instructions or use lemon juice every 1 or 2 weeks for continuous use. 


  • Main Materials: PP
  • Input voltage: 110V 50HZ
  • Operating Time:10-60 Minutes
  • Max Added Water: 130ml
  • Net Weight: 5.8 lbs
Package List:
1 x Onsino OS-1304 Sterilizer Dryer
1 x Detailed User Manual (English)

Product information
Product Dimensions 10 x 7.6 x 16 inches
Item model number OS-1304
Safety warning Never place near fire. Keep this product and its cord out of the reach of children.
Target gender Unisex
Material Type PP, BPA Free
Material_Composition PP
Material free BPA Free, Latex Free, Lead Free
Care instructions Clean after Use, Keep away from Children, Keep Indoors
Number of items 1
Best uses Sterilization, drying, storage for baby bottles, beast pumps, toys, pacifier & dinnerware etc.
Batteries required No


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